Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blue Ribbons and Humble Pie

Ribbons were awarded for the many remarkable exhibits at the MV Agricultural Fair this, as every, year. I wish I could award a blue ribbon to each of you who stopped by our nonprofit "Mission to Maseno" table to share your own experiences and to ask about mine. As the world's most reluctant fundraiser, I am sincerely humbled by your generosity of spirit.

Thanks to every one of you who has made a contribution over these past months, we are "over the top." My mission expenses for one year are covered, and I will be leaving for Kenya October 14th. The people of Western Province will know that I am able to be there only because you have made it possible. Asante!

One of our many surprised-by-joy experiences at the Fair was sharing the stories of the children of Maseno with the children of Martha's Vineyard. American kids who could have been riding a ferris wheel instead of looking at posters came up to ask about pictures of Kenyan kids -- kids who are now getting well and growing stronger in a small village in East Africa. It gives me hope for the future; I trust it will give hope to children everywhere and hope to all of you, too.

One by one, reaching out in love and holding hands across the world, "Together we CAN make a difference!" That was the theme of the Maseno CCC Kids' Club party last December, and that is the theme of mission everywhere.