Saturday, December 22, 2007


The hospital ran out of surgical gloves today, and it ran out of blood a few days ago; fortunately, we only had to delay elective procedures each time. At Rotary House last week, we never had to resort to "the long drop"/hole-in-the ground toilet, and Emmah (who refused to let us help; honest!) only had to lug buckets for a short while before our water pipe was repaired. The electricity is erratic, but it seems to be functional now; as a result, the oxygen tank is working on the ward, and I can read by the light of the overhead bulb in my room. It is sufficient.

And "sufficient" is enough. There is neither running water nor electricity in traditional homes both on and off the hospital grounds. We feel truly blessed to be safe, healthy, comfortable and happy here; I pray that all of you are, too. "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas..." There's an evergreen swag on Mary's door, and Emmah has decorated the sitting room with balloons. Best of all, Ruth will indeed be going home. She has been practicing with crutches that Gerry found for her and now, with encouragement, negotiates the length of Ward II. What a gift!

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