Friday, February 22, 2008

With Every Heart and Voice

"Can't" really is a four-letter word in both English and Swahili ("Wezi"). Now, more than ever, we must cry out in the universal language of the heart: "Together we can! (Tunaweza!)"

"Together We Make a Difference" was the theme two months ago for the children's Christmas party at Maseno's CCC. It is also the theme for today and for the future of Kenya. Together people can survive and surmount even weeks of chaos. Gerry and Nan have safely returned to work at the hospital and theological college. Their love and commitment maintain the many vital programs of Maseno Missions, in spite of a reduced and anxious staff. The Episcopal Dioceses of Massachusetts and San Diego continue to support their multi-faceted efforts. And Kofi Annan continues to try to reason with two political "leaders" who now have an opportunity to live into their titles.

We have an opportunity to help. Erratic transportation, food supplies and health care have compromised good people who were already in great need. Lives, homes and businesses have been lost. Medications and educations have been interrupted by the recent instability. The people of Kenya are struggling, but they are surviving, by God's grace and with emergency aid.

Yes, our friends in Maseno are living in peace, but in now-difficult times and in sometimes-desperate conditions. Please continue to keep them in your prayers, and please contribute whatever you can to help them re-establish the mobile clinics and orphan feeding programs that serve many thousands of vulnerable children each week. Nan and Gerry are working hard with the Mothers' Union mamas (and sisters and grannies and neighbors and aunts) to expand the services and make them sustainable.

Donations may be made payable to the Jubilee Ministry and sent to The Rev. Maggie Geller, c/o The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, 138 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111. Please indicate "Maseno Emergency Relief" on the memo line. Thank you very much (Asante sana)!

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