Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Come to the Fair - or Our Virtual Harambe!

Harambe. - N. [Kiswahili] a "pulling together," or a working together in unity. The harambe concept is used throughout Kenya to initiate projects that require people to work together and pool their resources. In true African style, a harambe is also one big party, uniting a community while working together toward a chosen common cause.

The annual Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair will begin tomorrow -- our island version of the harambe, a four-day tradition that draws hundreds of people together to create a party for thousands of others, this one in celebration of the harvest year. Come to the fair, stop by our mission fund-raising table and share America's bountiful harvest... Learn more about kids in Kenya while you register for a Red Sox raffle! (Shameless hint: if you can't make it to the fair, you can still visit the PayPal button on this site's sidebar. Your donation will be deposited directly into St. Andrew's Church mission account.)

We are 3/4 toward our goal for this mission year. I will be departing from Logan Airport for Nairobi, Kenya, on October 14th. Please come to the fair or else join our "virtual harambe." Please continue to support our Mission to Maseno. And please continue to pray for us, as we do you. Asante sana, one and all!

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nadia said...

Habari Sista Dianne!

***U have got all my prayers***
The whole of Maseno is so blessed to have you come round in October.

Be blessed and thanks for reminding me to constantly keep the faith!