Friday, November 14, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Well, we wondered when it would happen...

Yesterday we finished eating lunch between rounds and took our dishes to the kitchen. Just as we returned, we caught a vervet in the act of stealing a banana right off the dining room table! He had come in through the open window, perched on the top rung of a chair, and brazenly stretched out his long arm to neatly swipe one banana from the bunch. He started to peel it in front of our eyes before housemate Ralph shouted "NO!" and chased him out of the house (banana and all) with a rolled up newspaper.

The monkey obviously wasn't properly trained because he was unfazed by the chase. He leapt to the railing of our porch, cocked his head, finished peeling his prize, and smugly chomped it down, bite by happy bite. We watched in astonishment as his friends began gathering on the front lawn. The word was obviously out, and they were lining up for a chance to snitch our remaining bananas!

It's about 85 degrees here in the afternoon, but we're either going to have to close the dining room windows or else hide the bananas if we want to have any left for ourselves!

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Kristin said...

Your blog is great for feeling just a wee bit more in touch, Dee. Loved the bit about Pastor Braughler - interesting. I remember him, and I remember how highly you thought of him. Sending love - Kristin