Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keeping Hope -- and Kids -- Alive

Some of you listened patiently to my Epiphany sermon at St. Andrew's a few weeks ago. The theme was Joy and Justice, and it closed with the prayer: "Let us light one candle for hope, and may 'the work of Christmas' begin."

Barack Obama's inauguration reinforced my prayer. Neighbors in Kenya are still marveling at the peaceful transition of power we simply took for granted in America. In 45 years of independence, that has never happened here -- nor has it yet happened in a number of other developing countries. Sometimes, in spite of ourselves, we are role models for other nations. In his speech on Tuesday, our new president reminded us that our forebears had rolled up their sleeves and worked together during hard times in the past. "We can do it (yes, we can!) again." Hope and responsibility go hand in hand. The future of the world, not just the United States, is up to every single one of us -- not merely to the individuals we may install, peacefully or otherwise, as our respective leaders.

We have seen inspiring images from around the world this week. I am grateful to be able to share a few more from Kenya. These are photos of kids and kukus (chickens), not of flags and buildings. Two hundred more Kenyan children will be able to save egg money for school, thanks to donations from the Vineyard. These are also photos of hospitalized toddlers whose mamas entrust them to our care. We are working hard to help Zedekiah and some other very sick kids survive, thanks to donations from Cape Cod and, in fact, from all over America. Mine are pictures of joy and justice in action -- thanks to your hope and your responsibility, the Maseno North Mothers' Union and the Maseno Missions staff.

Thank you for lighting one candle and for keeping hope alive, both at home and around the world. To see more photos of "Kids and Kukus!" and "Zedekiah and Friends," please click this link:

Asante sana.

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kate said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos, Mom. It is wonderful to feel inspired together — to feel that our country is on a path that, hopefully, the whole world can celebrate. Sending much love your way.