Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"The People God Forgot"

A nurse confides her despair: "We are the people God forgot."

The rainy season is late this year, and everyone is worried. The hailstorm we got last week was apparently not the harbinger we'd hoped for, and people are frightened. Many are already without food (expensive after last year's inflation) and without means to buy seeds, supplies and fertilizer (ditto). Being without rain now means that even those who can plant will bring in a late harvest.

Some of our patients who can't afford their hospital bills are leaving too soon, against medical advice, in order to be honorable about payment. Several hospital staff members have malaria, so perhaps that means that the air is more humid (and more mosquito-laden) and that the rains will soon begin? Times are indeed troubling. The Kenyan embassy recently issued a cholera alert, specifically including Western and Nyanza Provinces.

I could only muster a gentle hug and a firm response to the nurse on Ward II: "God doesn't forget people. We will make it through this together." The U.N. has apparently doubled the food aid to Kenya, but God knows when -- and how much of -- that will filter down to the folks who really need it. Meanwhile, we keep on keeping on, grateful for each day and for your prayers. Asante.


lori said...

You and all those with you are in our prayers! As always!! Love, Lori

kate said...

I don't know what to say except that I hear you. Please know that we — your family and friends and admirers — have not forgotten you or those who you have brought into our lives through reading your blog.

I send much love and hope for rain today...