Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Do you remember my previous blah-blah-blogs about our neighborhood mbwa? She was the sweet young Mama Dog that Emmah nursed back to health, even as the dog (a/k/a Kate Moss) was nursing her own six puppies -- who all eventually died, apparently from distemper. Mama Mbwa then devotedly followed Emmah and Rotary House residents everywhere, even on hospital rounds. Two weeks ago we had to reluctantly ask her "real" owner to please keep her tied in the daytime because hospital employees were complaining (read threatening to poison her) -- although no one complains about the chickens who freely wander in and out of the wards.

The owner agreed, of course, and Dr. Hardison also began to carry a collar and leash in his medical bag so we could take the dog home if she did get loose and find us. Yesterday we learned that Mbwa had been poisoned, however, in spite of all our precautions. I am horrified as well as saddened. People die here every day, but they die because of disease, not because of malice. Yes, dogs can be rabid; yes, they are used primarily for protection, not for companionship, in Kenya; and, yes, the same owner lost two previous dogs to poisoning. But I have to wonder how much our own misbegotten friendship contributed to Mama Mbwa's death.

Is this another cultural lesson? How many more do I need to learn? Rest in peace, dear friend.


Lori said...

So sad. But don't take it on yourself -- you all gave her a longer life! You weren't responsible for ending it!! Some cultural lessons don't need to be learned. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Dee. Kim

Kristin said...

The cruelties and injustices in life still stun me. (Maybe that's a good thing!) I agree with Lori - you all enhanced a brief life with love, respect, & nurturing. All of us creatures are LIFE, and some of us are deeply grateful for such blessings. I hope Mbwa's poisoner comes back as a dog in Kenya.

Ann said...

The loss of Mama Mbwa/Kate Moss saddens me deeply. Let us hope that she is now in a better place, playing with her six puppies.


kate said...

I am so sorry, Mom.