Wednesday, April 29, 2009


No one spoke a word about it yesterday, but eyes were anxious and hearts were heavy. We all knew the Speaker of the House had a decision to make at 2 PM. Two powerful opponents were vying for a critical post in Parliament. Either way Mr. Marende made his ruling, people feared that riots (a/k/a "a fracas") would erupt again all over the country. It is no secret to the world that Kenya's power-sharing pact, brokered by Kofi Annan after the political violence of one year ago, has been crumbling.

To everyone's surprise and enormous relief, the Speaker refused to take a stand, instead referring the decision to the entire body of Parliament. We will now return to the usual routine of "elephants trampling the grass," but at least people won't get killed if they stay out from underfoot. En route to Kisumu this morning, Kenneth said, "Yesterday at this time, I didn't believe we would be making this market safari. There were no vehicles on the road, and everyone was seriously worried."

Indeed. Could you hear us exhale in unison last night? We recalled Solomon's wisdom today at chapel and gave thanks for Marende's decision to return the onus to the people responsible.

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