Friday, April 24, 2009

Visitors and Other Blessings

Remember the first line of that old chestnut, "Zilivyo baraka zihesabu tu..."? It is perhaps more familiarly known as "Count your blessings..." Well, it is always a blessing to have visitors come to Maseno.

We are grateful for the compassion, commitment and generosity of so many wonderful people, as well as for the time and skills they offer in their visits of every duration. Just since my own arrival in October, we have welcomed nurses and doctors, students and EMT's, researchers and computer gurus, current and former missionaries alike.

Asante sana, Doug and Sue, Ralph and Kwan Kew; asante sana, Wisconsin nursing students, Judith and Boston-area nursing students. Asante sana, Marie and Meera, Richard and Kristy, Leopold and John. Asante sana, Ann, Amanda and Chantal. Asante sana, Douglas, Lauren and Jordan.

We love and thank and miss you all. (I'm only sorry I don't have photos of everyone.) Please know our doors in Maseno remain open to visitors. Hospitality is Kenya's middle name!

Among the other blessings of this day... During chapel, Padre Betty kindly translated for me; afterward, we processed to our "new" laboratory for a prayer. During patient rounds, I met the garrulous grandson of a founder of Maseno Mission Hospital. And no one died today. After rounds, I delivered photos to Alex at his duka/shop, where we re-lived the joy of his daughter's Sunday christening.This afternoon, a neighbor said, "Sister, I am happy that you are 'feet' (fit) and went up the mountain again" -- to said ceremony, of course. I am happy, too.

Meanwhile, friends and family stay in touch frequently. We have had water and electricity at Rotary House for 36 consecutive hours, and only one section of our roof leaks. Emmah and I had delicious rice and beans for supper. Our hearts and our bellies are full.

So, yes, I am counting my many blessings, one by one... "See what God has done!" ("Mungo aliyofanya ndiyo makuu!")

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Julie said...

"And no one died today..." I'm so glad for your day. And glad for the help you receive sometimes and the blessings we all enjoy. Love, Julie