Saturday, May 9, 2009

Karibu Maseno (Again)

What a difference a day makes! It is not quite noon, but I am already counting my blessings:

(1) Florence smiled for me after her PT tears; (2) only three of the seven kids from Maseno School (alma mater of Baba/Papa Barack Obama) presenting at the OPD had malaria serious enough to warrant admission; and (3) one of our staff nurses, after morning rounds, presented me with a healthy, live chicken. "Karibu Maseno," she said shyly. "I like you." 

Maybe that's a sign that it's okay for me to complete the second half of my mission assignment here? It was an honor to be given such a generous gift, especially in the midst of such uncertain times. Many families here feel fortunate to eat meat (and rarely anything but chicken) once a month. Emmah and I would be happy to share the feast with all of you, but it may be a little far to travel for chicken dinner. In deference to my vegetarian and vegan family members and friends, I will post only the "before" photo on this page.

Asante sana, Mungu God. Asante sana, Sister Harrison. Asante sana and Happy Mothers' Day Eve to all of you!

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