Friday, May 29, 2009

Tempus Fugit

Time really does fly; and, sometimes, so do we. During the two weeks after my computer died, I traveled to Lamu, an island off the northeast coast (of Kenya this time), for a few blessed days of respite with missionary friends Robin and Zach. En route home to Maseno, we spent a half day at Crescent Island in Lake Naivasha, where we walked on the wild side... with the animal extras who have made their homes there since the filming of "Out of Africa." (See my picasaweb link.)

I also made an utterly unplanned five-day round trip to Connecticut for my mother's memorial service last weekend. I am grateful to be old and foolish enough to have gone. Family and friends mean so much to me -- and to everyone here in Maseno, as well. Apologies to those I couldn't see in the limited time I was in the U.S. We'll get together in October. And sincere thanks to those I could see in the few hours allotted. It was a genuine gift to be with you. Very special thanks to Helen Gordon, patron saint of computer crises... She resurrected my laptop and programmed a new notebook in short order, so I am emailing and blogging again!

Nan and Gerry Hardison and I were on the same London-Nairobi-Kisumu return flights, and we hit the ground running upon arrival. We have much to do, including moving Gerry's office. The hospital complex is being redesigned with the planned "integration" of HIV/AIDS services. The Hardisons were royally Welcomed Home/Karibu'd Kenya, and we are all glad to be back.

The photo above, taken at the Swahili Takwa Ruins off Lamu Island, shows a centuries-old baobab trunk. Known as "the tree under which man was born," it is a symbol of strength and survival. Tribal elders traditionally sit beneath the majestic baobab on their three-legged stools to mete out justice and impart wisdom.

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Kristin said...

Love your photos. Glad you're "home" safely. Love you - K.