Friday, January 1, 2010

Heri za Mwaka Mpya!

Many Christians throughout Kenya spent last night at church vigils, praying in the new year. At midnight, communion wine and bread were shared; where there was no wine, communion sodas and biscuits (cookies) were distributed.

Although I fell asleep at "missionary midnight" (9 PM), I awakened at 11:55 PM to hear the sounds of celebration a few moments later from our little town of Maseno: drums beating, pots and pipes clanking, and the joyous shouts of people hoping for peace and prosperity (or at least for enough water and maize) in 2010.

I am told that "Happy New Year" greetings will be exchanged here during all of January, much as "Yes We Can's!" were exchanged during all of January last year, following President Barack Obama's inauguration... It is now midnight on the east coast of the US, so I send my own month-long wishes for a Happy New Year to you!

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