Friday, January 1, 2010

Holy Name Day

My beloved grandchildren have distinctive names (Gwendolyn, Huckleberry, Maisie, Nell, Nadia and Nico), so I take particular delight in learning the names of the children of Maseno. Currently we have Charity, Dorcas, Mercy and Precious in the hospital, as well as Philemon, Shadrack and Zedekiah. Most are recovering from malaria and will soon be able to go home. You've read about the influx of our newborn Baracks and Michelles after the 2008 inauguration in the U.S., of course -- nary a Tom, Dick (and Jane) or Harry in the bunch. There are, however, a lot of little "Nans" and "Gerrys" running around, children named in loving honor of the Hardisons, whose eight years of unstinting efforts at Maseno Missions are deeply appreciated here. (We even have a little "Professor"!) From the time of Joseph and Mary, parents all over the world have named their babies with joy, hope and gratitude... "All God's children got names!"

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