Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Good Side

That's what Kenneth responds when new visitors asks him at the airport, "Which side of the road do you drive on in Kenya?" Fellow-travelers nod knowingly as they swerve around the ruts. (Note: If there were a decent road, we'd drive on the left side here.)

We negotiate some of our days at Maseno Missions the way Kenneth negotiates the roads. Some days we weave all over the place in an effort to simply stay on "the good side." And some days it can take real effort to even see the good side, much less stay focused on the road ahead.

Wednesday mornings help me see and help me focus. I love listening to St. Philip's choir and Padre Richard's sermons, and I am grateful to receive the Eucharist. This morning's Gospel reading was II Corinthians 4: 7-12, in which St. Paul concludes, "So death is at work in us, but life in you."

After today's 7:30 AM service, the choir called me aside to say "Asante sana." Each member proceeded to describe, in turn, the excitement of singing in a recording studio for the first time and the joy of knowing that over 150 people have already purchased their songs -- an accomplishment which has reduced their theological college tuition accordingly.

"We want to make a better CD now, but you taught us to believe in ourselves," they said. I told them I would share their gratitude with all of you who worked so hard to engineer the sound track (Helen), create the graphics (Marie) and promote their production (Cape & Islands, Honolulu & DioMass' Jubilee) -- and with all of you who bought their CD's, as well!
Choir members presented me with a beautiful cotton kanga (3-meter fabric), on which is printed the phrase, "What God has opened, no one else can close." When I said that God had surely opened their mouths to preach and sing, they kindly responded, "And God opened your heart to hear us."

I am reminded of St. Benedict's words, "Listen with the ear of your heart." May we all open our hearts, sing together and stay focused on "the good side" of the road, wherever it may lead. Yes, death is at work. But life is, also.


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