Thursday, March 4, 2010


Not Somali pirates. Kisumu pirates. We live way too far from the coast to encounter trouble on the high seas. But a recent trip to the Nakumatt yielded big treasure for our visitors this week: pirated videos -- 5 for 100 KSH/$1.25. Thank you, Anna!

Last night at Rotary House, five of us huddled on hard chairs around a laptop for two hours after dinner, eating popcorn made the old-fashioned way (no microwave here), drinking 30-cent sodas, and watching "Night at the Museum."

Aaaaaargh! Who says missionaries don't have fun?

P.S. The photo above is of the cutest (and fiercest) pirate I've ever met: my grandnephew Sam!


Mom said...

Dear Dianne,
Anna's mom here! Yes, I have lived through pirates, aliens and many other lives through our lives as a family. I know before Anna ever came to the Rotary house in Kenya you have had an impression and influence on Anna.
I know that God is working in and through you! You are a blessing! Thank you! May God bless you!
May God hold you close!
With love,
Mary Doering --- Anna's mom

Dianne, Dee, Mom, Granny said...

Thank you, Mary (and Al!) for bringing Anna into being and into my life. It is a genuine gift to know her. Sometimes missionaries can turn into aliens, themselves, living alone in a different culture. It's refreshing to have "the company of all faithful people" like Anna, Jessica & Stephen, and Hubert here!