Saturday, April 3, 2010

All Wazungu Look Alike

Well, we do. I thought it was a fluke last year when the nursing school principal confused me with a visiting doctor. Chantal was tall, willowy and blond. I am sort, stumpy and once-brunette. Last week, however, I was asked at Maseno University if Anna and Hubert (pictured with me above) were my children.

Make no mistake: I would be proud and happy to claim them, in addition to the three wonderful "kids" (15 years older than they) that I have at home. But, seriously, do you think we resemble each other in any way? Anna is a beautiful redhead, Hubert a handsome African American almost twice my height.

Perhaps the best "look-alike" story of all, however, took place last May while the Hardisons were on home leave. I walked over to St. Philip's to help Nan's secretary with some paperwork. Simba came galloping across the campus to greet me. Mind you, Simba is a very large 8-year-old dog, so it is an effort for him to do much more than amble.

"He thinks you're Nan," Josephine announced. "He's an African dog. All wazungu look alike." Shucks. And I thought Simba was pleased to see me... but it's an honor to be mistaken for Nan! Simba and Little Brown and I are living happily ever after right now at St. Philip's. I'm certain, though, that the dogs will be even more excited than the rest of us when the Hardisons return.


paul said...

When I lived in Japan, an older Japanese man confided in me that "All Americans look alike."

Happy Easter, Dianne!

Dianne, Dee, Mom, Granny said...

Thanks, Paul! Actually, my own sister said that Anna, Hubert and I have "matching smiles." Maybe that's the reason... Happy Easter to you, too!