Sunday, April 4, 2010

R: He is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Since no one ventured any questions last week, I will venture some "responses" of my own. These are especially for my grandchildren since I won't be around to help with Easter baskets this year...

Q: What are the "Big Five" animals that people hope to see on game drives in East Africa's preserves?
A: Elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and cape buffalo (not the American bison)

Q: What are the "Small Five" creatures that people hope to see on their walking safaris in East Africa?
A: Elephant shrew, rhino beetle, ant lion, leopard tortoise, and buffalo weaver (a bird)

Q: What is four feet tall, six feet wide and has miles of muddy tunnels inside it?
A: A termite mound!

Q: What is the national bird of Kenya?
A: The black-crowned (or -crested) crane

Q: Why do zebras cross the road?
A: To get to the other side, Silly!

Q: What do you call a collection of chickens? (Nell knows this one!)
A: A flock

Q: What do you call a meeting of monkeys? (These are blue monkeys. Videos coming!)
A: A troop

Q: What do you call a loitering of lions?
A: A pride

Q: What do you call an entourage of elephants?
A: A parade

Q: What do you call a happening of hippos?
A: A pod

Q: What do you call a gathering of giraffes?
A: A tower (really!)

Q: What do you call a languishing of leopards?
A: A leap (Sorry. No photo. Leopards are nocturnal animals.)

Q: What do you call an "mzee" (old one) who misses Maisie & Gwendolyn, Huck & Nell, Nico & Nadia -- and wishes them and their families a very Happy Easter with much love?
A: Granny Smith


Andrea said...

Dianne, It is so wonderful that you were able to go on a safari and see the beautiful world and life God created! I was wondering if you were fortunate enough to see any rhinos on your excursions? We unfortunately did not get to see any while we were there.
Hope things are still going well at Maseno!
Andrea Mueller, WI Nursing Student

Dianne, Dee, Mom, Granny said...

No, Andrea, we didn't. There are only 36 rhinos in all of the Mara, so perhaps that explains it. As our guide said, "It's a good reason to return someday!" Best to all of you!