Friday, December 9, 2011

Message from Christ's Hope

The following email and accompanying photos were sent to me by the devout Irish missioner who works for an organization called "Christ's Hope." You've read about him in several of my blog entries. Desmond Marshall's sole assignment is to go into remote villages and pray with people who are dying in Kenya. But he also brought many of those people out to our little mission hospital in Maseno. He knows that, unfortunately, in the government hospitals, two or three people share a bed, and medical rounds are held once a week.

Dr. Hardison called him "St. Desmond." And he called Dr. Hardison a miracle-worker. 

You will notice, if you look closely at the photo below, that Gerry Hardison is holding a live chicken in his lap. That is a gift of the highest honor in a country where many people are able to eat meat once a month, at best. (I couldn't resist asking Gerry how he was going to get that critter through Customs!) 

Dianne, this was a very special day for us here at Christ's Hope. We held a "Appreciation Lunch" for Prof and Nan. We had a wonderful day with about 85 former patients attending. I trust it was an encouragement to Prof to see just how many lives he has touched, just in the few years I’ve been taking patients to Maseno. Mama Joshua was there also and spoke of how Prof had cared for Joshua. There were many testimonies of how God used Prof. You may not remember, but many of these people you cared for also. Thank you for coming to Kenya and serving with such a loving heart. Linnet was also there, along with a few others from Maseno.

I will miss him so very much and the patients will also miss him. Many of the people were at death's door, but we thank God today they are doing well. I wish you could have been here…We held it in Kisumu at our office. I trust you are doing well. I hope you are still enjoying your Hospice nursing position? I’ll be in touch again with my Christmas letter! Just want to let you know that we had a blessed day.

Much love,

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