Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best-Laid Plans

Reality check #9999: We tried to order the oxygenator this morning, only to discover that the local catalog price has almost doubled (to $1,500) with Kenya's rampant inflation. Since there is no reliable way for medical equipment to be securely shipped from elsewhere and retrieved at Customs, we have ordered two suction machines from the catalog, instead. It is of some comfort to know that Dr. Hardison says the need for suction equipment is even greater than the need for oxygen equipment. Again, the list and the prayers go on...

Near the top of my own wish list for Maseno Hospital is an incubator. Although the infant mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa is extraordinarily high, the incubator we have is pitiful. A new one would cost the equivalent of $7,000. But how many more babies must die unnecessarily?

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