Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Lord God Made Us All

It's spent an inspiring few days in Nairobi. I've met with amazing Jane Muriuki of the Tabitha Project (please do find her story online), kissed giraffes (yes, there's a picture), admired women at work at Kazuri Beads, viewed cheetahs and zebras and warthogs (but no lions or tigers or bears) in the Nairobi Game Park, practiced my pitiful Kiswhahili and shared a meal with Rose and Ndungu Ikenye, our remarkable TEC volunteers in Thika... It's also been a frustrating few days, way too many hours during which I've done battle with my laptop and lost. In the process, however, I've met countless kind and helpful folks, from driver Jonhes Mulusya to the staffs at the ACK Guest House and the Safaricom Customer Care Center. Thank you all for your own wonderful messages and prayers. I'll be on the early-morning flight to Maseno tomorrow, hoping to be of some use at the hospital by Monday -- which is actually Jomo Kenyatta Day, a very special holiday here in Kenya. Lala salama (Sleep safe), everyone.

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Anonymous said...

It's soooo good to hear from you, Mom. I hope tomorrow is a good start for you at the hospital. Your travels sound amazing so far...
We spent a very fall-ish weekend in Northampton - Kate and the kids came to spend the day yesterday with us at the Look Park Halloween event (very sweet), and they stayed for Chinese food dinner. Today Nell and I had a glorious walk up the road to the quarry. We've been talking about you...and we're always sending our love to you. With love and hope and all good things, Jen and the family