Sunday, October 26, 2008

Borrowed by the Baptists

A funny thing happened on the way to the ACK (Anglican) services this morning... A patient's relative, the wife of the pastor of the local Maseno Bible Church, appeared at the hospital gate to recruit Doug for a church service near the Busia Road. "May we borrow you, too?" she asked, so Sue and I joined them, walking through lush green fields of corn and passing a couple of inebriated university students en route. We soon found ourselves singing "Stand up, Stand up for Jesus" and listening to a lay leader's passionate message, generously interspersed with Bible references, about hope -- our theme for the week, the month and the years to come.

Yesterday another young child was admitted, feverish, convulsing and unconscious, to the hospital. His mama had no money so she had waited almost too long to bring him in. After IV quinine and copious fluids, little Ibrahim is responding to malaria treatment, TG. Eunice and Samuel, however, with more complicated conditions, are still teetering on the brink of death, and we are running out of treatment options. But we still have hope.

Meanwhile, two Swiss journalists brought their driver, in distress, to the Outpatient Department. Suffering acute abdominal pain, the patient was treated and referred for possible surgery. He was not well enough to transport the reporters to their intended destination: the home of Barack Obama's grandmother, 15 km down the highway. The poor woman was spared these two, but she must feel as besieged by the legions of international journalists camped out in Siaya as she is proud of her grandson campaigning in America.

Hope springs eternal on many fronts. Amen.

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N+E said...

Dear Dianne,

Think I haven't already sent this comment - think I pushed the wrong button and it disappeared - if a duplicate, I'm sorry!

You would have enjoyed Diocesan Convention these two days past, much of the music (of which there was a LOT, hurrah!) was from African or Native American sources, and has been playing continuously in my head ever since (my method of praying without ceasing, perhaps?) We shared your prayer cards and blogspot with several people there, widening the circle in much the manner that new Bishop Steve (VG, TG!!) preached on during Eucharist. You remain constantly in our prayers and hearts, as do your many patients who receive so much from your dedication and imaginative use of such limited resources. You almost need to be able to work loaves-and-fishes miracles.

David Nutter was in church this morning on his way to collect his mother and bring her south for the winter. E got to talk to him, I didn't 'cuz had to cut and run to usher at PSO w Jennifer. Lovely to wave to him from the loft, tho'.

L&H&B, n&e